What is an automatic dialer?  

predictive dialer

While looking at your leads in your CRM, you begin to hunt and peck the contact’s phone number into your deskphone… 10 seconds later you manage, if you are able to dial the correct number without fat fingering the dial pad, to reach your lead.  If the lead answers amazing, but we know answer rates to be around 20%. So taking that into account, the time to reach a lead is at minimum 50 seconds, with an average closer to 2 minutes.

Auto dialing can help lead generation and sales teams increase efficiency by removing the dialing and waiting for answers and allows the agent to wait around 3 seconds between calls!

Lets do Some basic math..

  • 8 hour work day
  • 480 minutes of work
  • Average call – 5 minutes
  • Maximum of 96, 5 minute calls per day


  • 192 minutes of dial and waiting for answer time with manual dialing
  • 288 minutes of actual selling potential
  • Deduct 60 minutes Lunch and bio breaks
  • Deduct additional 60 minutes email and wrap up

168 minutes of net talking potential or 2.8 hours per day MAX!

Want to increase your conversations? Let Deskforce give each agent an additional 4.2 hours of talk time by removing waiting, email and wrap up!

 2.8 hours a day with manual dialing  vs 7 hours a day of talking potential with Automatic Dialing

If you have 20 agents your call center operation will operate as if its nearly 50 agents without adding additional human resource expenses!  If your operation relies on calling to generate revenue, you should talk to our team to see how we can unleash your call center.