SIP Trunking

Make and receive voice calls from the cloud using your existing VoIP infrastructure.

Full A-Z termination.

Deskforce makes it simple for you to connect your existing voice infrastructure in minutes to our HD voice network.

Let us show you how to increase your performance

Keep your existing SIP infrastructure, instantly provision your Trunks, and switch to our cloud in no time.

Predictive Dialer, Telecommunication System, CRM

Cost Saving

Deskforce replaces the need for traditional, expensive analog connections.



Stay connected — unifying and improving overall communications for global business.


Compatible with most IP-enabled PBX´s and Gateways, allowing you to use your existing equipment.

Get Started

Reach any phone in the world with
our global infrastructure and smart routing.


No need for a lengthy process and paper-shuffling.

Keep your existing SIP infrastructure, instantly provision your trunks, and switch to our cloud in no time.

Deskforce's Voice platform already supports many customers with IP PBX es from all major vendors and open source solutions.

A-Z Voice Termination with best quality and platinum routes.


High quality voice and low latency

The Deskforce platform is integrated with our Tier 1 carrier-grade network, which terminates 10’s of millions minutes of global voice traffic annually.

With our redundant automatic routing, calls are routed to the closest and lowest loaded gateway, increasing call quality and significantly lowering latency without requiring any configuration.

VOIP, Predictive Dialer

Unlimited capacity

Deskforce sip Trunks come ready with unlimited concurrent call capacity so you don’t need to worry about provisioning or no channels. Our trunks scale up and down in the cloud based on your needs.

VOIP, Predictive Dialer

Cost Saving

With true per-second billing in most countries, you pay only for the time you use.*

* Non-Dialer traffic.

Predictive Dialer, Telecommunication System, CRM
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