Voice Broadcasting and your Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons Voice Broadcasting Needs to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Ask any marketing manager to to discuss their main marketing focuses for the year and most will tell you about the AdWords campaign they have planned or the blog they’ve started on their company’s website.

This isn’t necessarily a bad strategy. Web-based and inbound marketing are certainly leaving their mark as marketers work to connect with potential customers and develop relationships before the first phone call is even made.

The phone however, is still an incredibly powerful tool for getting your message to the masses. Using the right tools, it can also be very cost effective. One of the tools that is gaining popularity right now is voice broadcasting.

Why the sudden renewed interest?

Voice broadcasts are incredibly cost effective. Because you’re using IP telephony and not traditional phone technology, you can craft and execute a voice broadcast campaign for a fraction of what a traditional dialing campaign would have cost you. Infrastructure can be hosted in the cloud and calls initiated as a result of a response to a voice broadcast can be routed anywhere in the world.

Think of the thousands you’ll spend this year ensuring that your website ranks well on Google. We know what the statistics tell us on organic versus paid search so we’ll put as much money as it takes into ranking above our competitors. However, we’ll still need to engage a paid search campaign as well, and, depending on your vertical, AdWords keyword bids can cost you significant amounts of money per click.

After all of that, you’re still looking at CTRs (click through rates) in the single digits.

Voice broadcasts will reach more people for less money and still leave room in your budget to couple the campaign with a direct mailing.

Tracking ROI on voice broadcasts is easier than ever. You don’t need us to tell you about the importance of maximizing the return on your marketing investment. Imagine bringing the power of your web analytics to a voice broadcasting campaign. Because voice broadcasts are handled with IP telephony, the engines that power these services come with many of the same reporting features provided by any other internet-based service provider. Instantly access records and data showing call response rates, call completion rates, hang-ups, numbers of request for additional information, average call lengths, and any other metric you’d need to determine the success of your campaign.

Voice broadcasts are no longer a one-way conversation. Thanks to IP telephony, voice broadcasting is bringing phone-based marketing into the 21st century. No longer strictly a one-way conversation, current systems make instant connections with live human beings possible for call recipients at the touch of a button.

Voice broadcast systems are constantly evolving. Since they’re housed in the cloud, voice broadcast systems and interfaces are constantly being improved, updated, and given new capabilities. The customer needs only to log in to their control console to see the latest abilities of their system. There’s no hardware to maintain and no infrastructure to install at your physical location.

We’d love to talk more with you about voice broadcasts and the exciting evolution that this technology is going through. Email us at sales@innitel.com for more information and let’s see if a voice broadcast campaign is right for you.