This Post has been Flagged for Spam

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

“The person you are trying to reach is not available.”

Why is it that fewer and fewer of your agents’ calls are actually connecting to potential customers? It seems that more and more calls are being lead straight to voicemail, without giving your agents the chance to even speak to their leads.

(Of course, there are times when you want to be lead straight to voicemail, but that’s something you should be in control of.)

This is likely a result of users blocking your calls. Everyone now has access to databases with lists of flagged numbers, and it’s become as simple as downloading an app to block them. If you find that your numbers have been put on one of these lists, you’re agents won’t be able to connect to their leads, and their sales will plummet.

As more service providers offer anti-spam technology, the problem will only get worse.

It’s a huge waste of time for you and your agents, and as more people get smart phones, and more service providers offer anti-spam technology, the problem will only get worse.

The worst thing that can happen to your call center is to have your numbers being flagged as spam. There has been a wave of recent apps and OS features that check numbers for spam, and subsequently informs the user of the spam number, or worse, blocks the call from reaching the user completely.

flagged numbers

It makes marketing to users exceedingly difficult,

To combat this problem, we introduced DID, which gave your agents unique numbers based on the region they were calling to. This increases connection rates by showing leads that you were calling from a local number, thus making it more likely for them to pick up.

Furthermore, it allowed you to easily change your numbers in the case that you were being flagged as spam.

Today we’d like to introduce an extension to that program.

We will eliminate the problem of having your numbers blocked.

Our newest feature will eliminate the problem of having your numbers blocked.

We will proactively check your numbers across multiple databases, regularly cross matching, to see if they have been flagged for spam. You can save hours of agents’ time, saving them from having to wonder why leads aren’t their calls.

Automating this process for you will make marked improvements in your agents’ workflows, and will give them more opportunities for successful sales.

Having your sales hampered by call blocking technologies is an unfortunate truth that call centers have to learn to deal with.

But dealing with it has just become a whole lot easier.