This call might be recorded.

The modern contact center is regularly challenged face to face with obstacles to it’s success.

The challenges can appear in different ways, especially when the business has a regulation to comply with.  A tool that is front and center to avoiding and preventing any issues and assist in providing outstanding service is the much overlooked call recording feature found in all our products.

call recording screenshot
Deskforce PBX Call Recording screenshot

The ability for a manager to review real life interactions between agent and account can move mountains in its ability to alleviate pain points and improve its ability to delight customers and clients.

There is such tremendous value in aligning your companies messaging to weed out certain language, and encourage the proper tone and best practices.

Call recording affords quality assurance and training teams to ensure each interaction is up to standard. Simply by allowing management to grab specific example recordings to showcase best practice or language to avoid, is worth its weight in gold.

Further as we attempt to enrich the data in our CRM and ensure accuracy, call recording allows a rep to double check the information they just put into the CRM and ensure they heard the information correctly. Ensuring accuracy can be a crucial pin, especially for businesses that need to meet compliance regulations.

Recording calls has many benefits and is utilised in:

  • Quality Assurance/Staff Assessment
  • Dispute Resolution, Risk Management, Protection
  • Staff Training, Coaching and Development
  • Compliance – Regulatory and/or Internal Process Adherence
  • Sales Performance Optimization
  • Staff Motivation and Incentivizing
  • Identify Process, System or Workflow Breakdowns
  • Understand Customer Needs
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Branding, Marketing, Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Customer Protection

In a quick survey of companies that use call recordings as part of their protocol:

62% of companies stated that archiving voice calls helps them ensure compliance with government and internal records retention policies

64% of companies deployed an archiving solution such as call recording software in order to efficiently respond to legal requests and compliance audits.

In both our Cloud PBX and Predictive dialer, recorded calls can be easily located using a daily call log or a custom search window within the software by team members with the appropriate permissions. They can also be exported when required for playback outside of our applications.

Whatever your business case, Deskforce products empowers your operation with call recordings at no extra cost!

Want to find out how to use recordings in your operation? Contact your Customer Success Manager!