About the name change – INNITEL to Deskforce

About the logo.

In 2008 Innitel began with a mission to provide communication tools to the global market. The name chosen as an abbreviation of Innovative Telecom expressed our desire to not just market communication products to become an innovator. Our logo of an infinity and two points represented the infinite and continuous need for sales and support teams to communicate.

Ok, so Innitel in french and hebrew it was pronounced < Inn Eee tell> ..well that was great while we entered those markets.. As we expanded outside our local market..“Yes we know it sounds like a famous international processor company” was the usual start of our sales calls, and was almost made into a t-shirt..”Innitel, No..Not Intel”.

We also met a nice company called Nitel.. Which google happened to love when articles mentioned “..in Nitel” .

Yet, with this Name and brand, Innitel achieved Deloittes Fast 50 and grew from 3 core staff to over 50 in 3 countries. We met our goal of innovating telecom in a spectacular way, and began looking beyond the horizon.

One day in Hong Kong, Elie and I sat watching graphics appear down the side of a building across from our hotel. I glanced at the hotel telephone corded up and all cute and useless. “ The only thing this hotel phone is good for is calling 0 for the front desk,” I commented. Elie, gazing at the magnificent timing of the lights creating low res graphics across the river..continued.. “If we are innovating and looking to make telephone agents a force to reckon with..we have to look past the ‘tele’”.

As with many of our business trips, they always start and end with a brainstorming session and a glass..err..glasses of local beer. “Listen” I continued while struggling to open my beer without a bottle opener. “..we built an amazing infrastructure that supports 1000’s of agents marketing and supporting their product, but let’s go way past that…we are not solely in the business of tele or phones.. We are in the business of real time communications…responding to the need of businesses to instantly engage.”

Elie responded while trying to figure out why i was not using the bottle opener kindly affixed to the wall.

“It’s about the agent.. And creating more efficiency from his desk.. Each desk in an office represents a task that can be made more efficient if we augment the agent with relevant real time information.”

“With our products and what we want to evolve to we are going to power these desks like no other.. A real force to reckon with… hmm i wonder.. .. ok Elie.. Mazal Tov, we bought the name Deskforce.com ( longer story here, but i’ll understate with a creative license), Let’s Play!” (A phrase that almost became our slogan, still might SK ;.)

I think we need to set the stage for total disruption.. Innitel served us well.. But let’s not think out of the box..let’s remove the box.. And see how deep the rabbit hole goes. ( I watched too much Matrix as a kid).

The building across the street now began another light show choreographed to music streaming to Elies phone. “ Yalla, Brother.. Innitel has been amazing, long live Deskforce.”

Today, we launch Deskforce as company as a culture and a vision. We at Deskforce, are glad to share this moment with all our partners, vendors and friends.