The World Series of Sales


Did you catch game 7 of the World Series? What a nail biter! Innitel’s own Dan Leubitz from Cleveland, OH couldn’t have been more on edge. A Cavaliers championship only to be followed by an Indians championship?! Unheard of! (literally). 800px-jacobsfield2But regardless of how riveting the game was, a business mind never rests. So Dan, unable to help himself, was making some calculations. Progressive Stadium was over capacity with 38,100 fans. If you’d send a sales email to all attendees, only about 19 would end up in a sale. Now, if you called each attendee (hopefully after dinner), you’d make about 376 sales. But, if you send a text to each attendee instead, you’d make about 1,234 sales. Imagine calling AND texting clients. Your odds of making a sale look as good as winning a series with a 3-1 series lead… oh.. right..

Picture a small business looking to make an impact. If they partner their phone campaign with Innitel’s SMS solutions, they’re more than quadrupling their effectiveness with a marginal increase in effort and no increase in cost; that’s like hitting a grand slam with the added effort of a bunt. baseball-infographic-1Our new SMS solutions come included with our PBX and Atomic  Dialer software, respectively. With Innitel’s PBX platform, broadcast SMS and one-to-one texting is available. With the Atomic Dialer, you get three functions. SMS by Status, SMS by Agent, and SMS Broadcast. With SMS by Status, if the customer couldn’t be reached, an SMS is sent based on the status assigned (busy, no answer, etc). So you’re still connecting even though you didn’t actually connect.
206e266With SMS by Agent, the  customer was connected, and an agent can send a  text while still on the call with the client, allowing the agent the ability to send a link for more information. Of course, with a simple Broadcast SMS campaign, the company’s odds are also pretty good. In short, Innitel’s SMS solutions allow the small market companies to stand a fighting chance against huge competitors. Think of it as the smaller companies being allowed to use a metal bat against the bigger companies who are still using wood. Play Ball!!