The Silver bullet of a Cold Call Sales Script

Your marketing team has been working non-stop on  landing pages and Adwords campaigns, which have supplied you with a list of names and phone numbers to call.

Your sales manager has given you the task to knock through 100 leads; your team lead has spent the morning encouraging you to dial, dial, close, close.

You’re ready to get rolling, and aim to blowout your quota, all you need now is the silver bullet of a sales script to convert these leads. 

As CMO at Deskforce, I love to review our sales teams opening call and sit with our customer to strategize on the ability to generate more effective calls. Our platform tracks metrics like Effective Calls, which allows managers to track real conversation that  ultimately have the greatest chance to convert; but how do they get that effective call, well for that we need the silver bullet of a sales script.

Before we look at what that silver bullet sales script looks like, let’s take the opposite of a vampire killing silver bullet, and let’s take a gander at what a spitball script looks looks like. 


Spitball Call Script

Ring Ring Ring  ( or buzz buzz )

Prospect: Um hello?

Sales Agent: Frank,  my name is Dan from Dunder Miffilin.


How are you doing today?

I am reaching out  today to talk to you about our amazing software that helps you streamline your operations and solve your company’s biggest problem.

Is solving this a big priority for you? And if so how much money would you save if you solved it.

Prospect: Dan, actually, I’m kind of busy at the moment

Sales Agent:  I can totally understand that you are  juggling many real-time tasks, but can I interest you  in a demo and how we have won all these awards and serviced your entire vertical and know your pain points.

Prospect:  Let me put this way. I am not interested.

Sales Agent:  I can totally understand that , yet, are you the champion I need to talk to? I really can rock your world with this demo and convince you that that our service will help, that is of course if you have a budget..

Prospect:  Click

Sound terribly familiar? it should.

We have heard all types of calls that are placed that follow the same structure, and well you won’t be shocked to learn they convert at about the same percentage of people who take pineapple on their pizza, ghastly, and for the sake of this story its 1% (unfortunately, it’s way higher)

In other terms, of that 100 people your marketing department slaved over, you will only get 1 person to a demo.

If you are leaning in now as this sounds a bit like your script, you’re going to want to take my advice.. Quit it.

It’s bad for your brand, your prospects,, your productivity and your pride.

So what if we can get that rate up to 15-20%, just by reworking your script? Would you be high-fived by your marketing team and your sales manager, damn straight you will! So let’s rework this!

Creating a Script

1. Identify a few verticals or geo’s

First, not all leads are created equal and we need to segment the leads and be a bit of a snob on who you’ll call. Your time is very valuable and the markets you know have the best use for your product will be the ones to focus on. Your monthly or quarterly targets depend on your ability to manage your time in the most efficient way possible.  Think about who are your past successes and who have been the best type of customers and look for commonalities.

As an example, maybe your markets are finance and insurance. Or maybe they’re leads in a certain geo.  Once you’ve figured out which verticals and geographic locations best to target, then we move to the next step.

2. Identify your dream 20

From that list lets create our dream team, the 20 leads in your pool that feel right. Use social media including Facebook and Linkedin, to find more information about the company and the person

3. Deep dive into each prospect

Yes, it would seem you are ready attack your 20, but let’s take one more moment to get some insight that will best give your 7 seconds to make that connection once they answer.

You’re already on LinkedIn and Facebook Check out each prospect’s profile so you know:

  • What is their company involved in
  • What their role is specifically
  • If your company helped a similar anyone similar before
  • And for giggles an interesting fact about them

The Silver Bullet Sales Script

Would you say you are moving away from cold calling at this point? Armed with strategy and possible pain points? Having whittled your list and done a deep-dive on your leads before picking up the phone, your work will get closer to your target… Yalla. Moving on!

1. Introduce yourself.

Ever get a limp handshake? How does that feel? Uninspiring? Exactly.. So first, say your name and your company name. Sound full of energy and confident, focus on pronunciation if that doesn’t come natural. “This is dankjdkfj from mnxcmvn”  doesn’t place your lead in the energy he needs to make a decision.

Once you say, “This is [name] from [company],” take a pregnant pause this is gonna be a bit hard and bit uncomfortable but let things resonate. How long do you pause?, dare to say nothing for eight whole seconds.

This pause will give your prospect time to think who you are? A client, a potential client, a coworker.. Let him search his internal rolodex ( I love that we can still use this word)

2. Establish a connection.

Your call is already a bit different than the last people that called him, and have peaked his interest. Now time to deepen this relationship, hit them with a question to establish a connection with one goal in mind, 80/20. Get them talking 80% of the time and no better way then showing off you know who they are.

Something like these questions can get them primed up to talk

    •  (Your Prospect), I see you went to (university). How was that for you?
    • Wow, you’ve been at (company) for a while. I see they have been trucking, how did you get your start there?
    • Congrats on your promotion. How is the new role treating you?

These questions are on topic and will make them smile. If they sound  receptive to additional chatting, feel free to ask them a follow-up question.

For instance, if they say, “Ya, I’ve been here for a few year, slowly moving up the corporate ladder, started in the mail room” you can respond, “That’s great! Well I have some friends in the space, if they need some advice can i send them to your linkedin?”

With the right banter eventually, they’ll say, “so tell me.. why are you calling?”

Enjoy the process and even laugh at the diversion from the topic..

They’ll laugh because you’re clearly having fun and if you get that laugh,pat yourself on the back.

Answer, “Sometimes I get carried away.” and laugh a bit more.

This method is great unless you can hear your prospect is rushing than go straight to the point.

3. Position yourself 

A positioning statement shows your prospect you work with similar companies and understand their challenges. You’re not talking about yourself, which is what most cold callers do.

 “I work with sales managers in finance with ten to twenty reps on their team. My customers are typically looking to increase their agents productivity. Does that sound like you?”

As you’ve done your due-diligence and done a pre-qualification process on  them, they’ll almost always say “indeed.”

To the point, say simply, “Tell me more about that.”

You got them on the hook and it’s all about them! Here comes the meat and they’ll explain their pain points and objectives — take note, this stuff is pearls.. And super valuable building your pitch.

Everyone wants to have a smiley day. By making your prospects smile or laugh, giving them a chance to talk about them and their problems, and showing them you can make their life easier, you’ll improve their day and change their state. That means a deeper relationship and ultimately, your coveted conversion that makes your marketing team eat that fine pineapple pizza.