The Innovation buffalo


An early sweaty caveman sitting by a buffalo that he just hunted with a dozen or so of his tribe, must have sat by the campfire thinking, there has got to be a better way.  Innovation occurs when
 we are challenged; when we are faced with the reality that .. well this sucks. Cavemen realized flint had certain characteristics that allow it to be shaped easily into a point, and remains hard enough to penetrate their dinner. Once utilized in the hunt, more meat with less effort, allowed their population to thrive.


Fortunately, today we aren’t faced with many immediate threats that require this life or death innovation process. Yet we do tend to lean toward innovate when challenged.

How we go about this process is also telling; do we view new technology and say,what can I do better with this, or do we say, what does this technology allow me to do, that I was unable to before.


Sometime we recycle innovations, the whole concept of peer to peer wasn’t born from us trying to fundraise or crowdfund, but actually had its humble beginnings in early commercial insurance Amsterdam when ships would leave ports and other peer ship owners would add some coins to a joint pot, in case a ship didn’t return.. also side note, it’s also where the term “My ship has just come in” came from.


Like many, as CTO of Innitel, I watch for new developer tools, new API’s and new methods attend events and hear how people and innovators are approaching changes in their industry and the market.   We as a company, try to take an approach of Start with the User and end with the technology; Who is our customer’s customer, and what are they looking for. How can they feel better engaged and then, work backward.

The average consumer is presented with thousands of marketing messages per DAY!

As the way we communicate is changing, as our collective focus and shared experiences begin to change, we have to keep our finger on the pulse as to ensure we are maximizing our marketing efforts. The average consumer is presented with thousands of marketing messages per DAY! How can enable our customers break through the noise. How do we better customize and cater that message to maximize its effect?


We will continue to sit by the fire with our customers and peers and say.. there must be a better way while locating new innovations and ask what will this allow our customers to do that they never were able to do before.   Real Time Communication is an essential part of your business that will continuously evolve and require continuous innovation and re-think. And thankfully we can have this conversation with out the weight of a half ton buffalo pressing down on us.