The Innitel Telecom network keeps on expanding

Just recently, Innitel’s development team has completed a successful integration with TRADOLOGIC, one of the world’s leading Binary Options platform providers.

TRADOLOGIC is a pioneer in the binary options fields, strongly focused on diversifying its products and delivering excellent performing cutting-edge technology, along with top quality customer service. Knowing that a strong telecommunications package was the key to high levels of customer satisfaction, TRADOLOGIC sought to please its partners through another innovative decision. After careful consideration of all of its options, TRADOLOGIC has now added telephony software as part of its complete solution.

In relation to the latest integration with Innitel Telecom, Gil Erez, TRADOLOGIC’s COO commented:

“The success of our partners has always been TRADOLOGIC’s main objective. Providing excellent customer care for our white-labels is what differentiates our company and drives it forward. This is the reason behind our decision to join forces with Innitel Telecom”.

Initial Research

 As with every new project, extensive detailed research is required.

Currently, the financial and gaming industries are among the most dynamic and rapidly evolving industries in the market. Any business leader knows that communication services must be as


streamlined as possible. Global phone numbers take long time to dial and there is a lot of room for error. Large amounts of money could hang in the balance of every inbound call. There is no room for misunderstanding due to lack of clarity in a call. There is no room for technical glitches. There is no room for lengthy customer look-ups. When a client calls, every second counts.

By implementing superior telephony software, TRADOLOGIC’s complete solution was to become

even more appealing. And, after researching the biggest telephony software providers on the market, the choice came naturally. TRADOLOGIC selected a provider that could build solutions into its already existing platform. Innitel Telecom was one of the few to offer complete integration.


Solving Problems Through Superior Telephony Software


Innitel Telecom’s team of experts carefully considered TRADOLOGIC’s objectives and then developed a solution which would meet the company’s desired level of success. Having vast knowledge and long experience in the sector, Innitel understood the problems that can arise from dialing lengthy international phone numbers and the impacts that can have on the level of customer satisfaction.

As a result, TRADOLOGIC integrated three Innitel Telecom products. Inbound calls would be augmented with the caller information Pop Up. Outbound capabilities would be enhanced with Click2 Call and the company’s revolutionary Predictive Dialer; a product that is changing the face of call center operations around the globe.

Firstly, with Pop Up, which is improving the level of inbound calls, each account manager will be able to monitor the caller’s name, account history, and other important information are instantly displayed on the manager’s screen when the call is accepted. This improvement facilitates the conversion tremendously.

With Pop Up, the benefits to clients are immediately apparent. Efficiency of service and personalization of that service – making sure the client knows that they are appreciated – are essential to better customer satisfaction and retention.

Secondly, outbound call efficiency was immediately impacted by Click2 Call. Rather than dialing phone numbers, clients could be reached directly through this user-friendly automatic function. Another benefit of Click2 Call is that all data could be initiated and managed from a single screen. For example: the contact’s record is pulled up, the Click2 Call function is engaged, and a real-time voice conversation happens only seconds later.

The programming behind Click2 Call is highly advanced. The function will automatically detect any issues with an existing phone number. Wrong numbers can be corrected in real time and the record is automatically saved across the enterprise. It also intelligently disregards any special characters in a phone number. Neither parentheses, comas, periods, nor any other character will interfere with Click2Call’s ability to complete a phone number.

The final function integrated into TRADOLOGIC’s platform was Innitel’s Predictive Dialer. The Predictive Dialer was built by people with deep knowledge and first-hand insight about call center operations.

The Predictive Dialer is an algorithmically-controlled intelligent dialing solution, which assures that every second of a call campaign is used as efficiently and effectively as possible. TRADOLOGIC’s actual environmental variables; such as the number of available lines, number of available agents, average call times, and dropped calls, are constantly evaluated against current call loads to route calls to the most effective agent at that very moment.

Furthermore, Predictive Dialer gives an opportunity for modifying and optimizing campaigns in real time. This feature, used mainly by managers, gives statistics about the individual performance of each agent. Campaign adjustments, such as increased or decreased call volume, or ratios of calls to agents, can be made instantly. And instant chat with an agent, regardless of call status, is now possible.

Innitel’s CEO Elie Rubin explained:

“I am delighted to announce our partnership with Tradologic. The continuous drive toward innovation and technological development is what has united the biggest players on the market in their respective industries”.


For more information about this integration, or to find out how an integration of Innitel’s software with your environment can lead to increased sales and increased customer retention and satisfaction, email or