Speech to Text

Speech to Text makes call monitoring easier, reducing the need for dedicated call monitors.

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Creates more mindful agents.

Knowing that their calls can be monitored, agents will improve their overall productivity and think more carefully about the language they use. The manager will have more control over the call center, resulting in a company that is more efficiently run.


Reduce Costs

One call center needs to hire seven people to monitor only twenty agents’ calls each day. When Using Speech to Text, a manager can instantly monitor calls by locating a specific point and reading or listening to exactly what the agent said. The seven monitors are no longer needed, and the company reduces labor costs and increases efficiency.


Raise Sales

Speech to Text facilitates the increase in sales within a company.

If an agent is not meeting his or her quotas, enter keywords like “purchase”, and “buy”, to find the exact point in the call that the agent is pitching the sale. You can now analyze the agent’s methods, such as the language the he or she uses, or the tone they use. With this feedback, the agent will have concrete ways to adjust their behavior and sell more products or services.


Better Security

Speech to Text regulates company security by monitoring the language used in each call.

An agent may guarantee a client a certain price, but later deny that he offered the deal. A manager can now search the call and see the conversation the agent had with the client and quickly resolve the situation. This will increase the amount of trust people have in your customer service and your company.

“ A good tool to improve outbound productivity. ”

The team is very friendly and professional, we had a few issues at the set up which were quickly escalated and resolved, all and all the service is stable and easy to set up, the cost is reasonable and the results are impressive.

Liron Warhaftig, LottoDay

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