At the Tone, Please Record Your Voice Message

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In my last post, I wrote about the advantages of using SMS to interact with customers. One of the biggest benefits was the ability to message leads before a call to determine their interest. This tool allows you to find out if a client wants to speak to you, without bothering the ones who don’t. Our newest feature takes this one step further with Ringless Voicemail. The concept of Ringless Voicemail is to send messages, or in this case voicemails, to leads without bothering them with a call. It allows you to send a voicemail—without causing the phone to ring.

Using this method of calling can reduce the number of leads who get annoyed by phone calls by allowing them to listen and act on calls on their own terms, whenever they want. It also serves as a way of screening uninterested leads, because you will only be getting return calls from people who are interested. It’s a non-intrusive way of contacting leads that will improve customer interactions, and increase customer retention.

With Ringless Voicemail technology come responsibilities.

With this technology come responsibilities. It’s important to know the demographic you’re calling. Ringless Voicemail and automated SMS complement each other very nicely, because they serve different sides of a market. SMS is most commonly used by younger generations, who often prefer it to calling. In a New York Times article, Teddy Wayne quotes a student:

“It’s kind of awkward to leave voice mails now,” said Chris Paul, 22, a recent graduate of Duquesne University. “The expectation is that we send each other text messages, and if you wanted to talk to someone, you’d answer their calls.”

These are the same people who would not be checking voicemails regularly, so automated SMS is the best form of contact, rather than Ringless Voicemail.

On the other side are older generations, who prefer to make and receive phone rather than text.

On the other side are older generations, who prefer to make and receive phone rather than text. These people should be your prime target for Ringless Voicemail, as they are most likely to check their voicemails regularly.

With Ringless Voicemail, you are now open to a whole new demographic of leads that you can contact non-intrusively. Used in conjunction with SMS, you can contact huge numbers of people, without alienating any leads that may not want to be contacted immediately.

There is a lot of potential in Ringless Voicemail, it can be used similarly to SMS to reach only the leads who are interested, and it complements the features of SMS by reaching a different market. Use it, and you will surely see an improvement in the reach of your call center.