Communicating in RealTime

Recently during an impromptu interview of a young Bulgarian student with a background in PoliSci looking to break into the world of tech, I was faced with a neat and fun series of questions that I had formed to ascertain his technical knowledge.

When asking him about packets and network troubleshooting the candidate was.. well overwhelmed. He apologized for his lack of experience and offered his ability to learn quickly as a consolation.

As he was talking, I realized.. wait.. I have a generation X to Millennial moment.. perhaps I should rephrase my questions .

I interrupted him cold.. “Wait.. Do you play counterstrike?.. “  his eyes lit up…  Well. He said a little condescendingly. “ Really..Does anyone?, there are so many better games. But yes I have played it.

Great. Im in.

“So have you ever played as a sniper.. you stalked your target… hes in your cross hairs.. and suddenly.. as you’re about to pull the trigger.. he ends up clear across the other side of the map.. as if he defied the laws of space and time?

You’re talking about lag?

Indeed I am! ..and after cursing on how that target was so yours.., how do you fix it..?

Now our candidate was going through a full SOP of trouble shooting his router, rebooting.. changing default servers..   and the oyster was now open.

He did have a base to build on, and his confidence suddenly increased as he formulated plans of narrowing down faulty network.

Voip is real time communication and there are few more sensitive technologies to when things don’t go right in realtime then gaming.

With sports gaming drawing more viewers then the NFL, we are seeing an increase in the expectation of clean infrastructure able to support a low latency network.

In the world of Contact Centers, while they are not fighting for their digital life, any issue that degrades the quality of the voice, can cost far more.  We always urge our customer to embrace redundancy and pull more than one network provider as to decrease the chance of their onramp to our services from becoming degraded. There are many services that can be used to test and monitor your connection.. and you should be holding your providers to the same expectations.

If your network provider doesn’t understand why you are so concerned about the lag time.. try to speak to them in terms of Call of Duty, you may get farther.