Operating an outbound contact center, or sales department? It’s time to boost your productivity by quadrupling your agents opportunities with quality leads. AtomicDialer an automated Predictive Dialing platform that is utilized by call-centers across the globe. This technology paves the way for agents, avoiding busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines, invalid numbers and no-answers.

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How predictive dialer works

Atomic Predictive Dialer is integrated with all your lead generation tools including landing pages, CRM’s, affiliate sites, and lists to automate your outbound calling.

Atomic is a zero-download predictive dialer software and does not require an IT guy (sorry IT GUY) to maintain or install. Every feature and system is easily configured. With highly configurable features, Atomic fits your requirements and will make you call center agents more productive.

Atomic digests your leads and contacts and prepares them for contact by validating the phone numbers and time zone. Using highly configurable campaigns, Atomic automatically dials your leads in a manner best suiting the needs of the marketing effort.

● Atomic Dialer will call your list of telephone numbers, screening out no-answers, busy signals, answering machines and disconnected numbers and, if possible, send an SMS or E-mail with a link for an immediate call back!

● Your agents handle only live calls and are able to send SMS, emails, and schedule meetings. All engagements that are successful can be automatically uploaded to your CRM and all conversations can be converted to text for some big data processing.

● And all the while, the system will be calculating and predicting the next best opportunity for your agent to handle another successful call.


Keep your operators busy

Stop wasting time manually dialing numbers from a list in search of an answer. Our predictive dialer does that for you and allows your operators to focus on the call at hand.

Atomic Dialer

Built-in Soft Dialer

No need for a separate soft dialer solution! Our built-in soft dialer is designed to work seamlessly into your workflow.

Atomic Dialer

Help your sales force succeed

Provide on-point information about the lead and guide them through the sales process by outlining the sale script.

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All in one web interface

One hub provides all the information your agent may need, including call lists, contact information and sales scripts.

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VOIP, Atomic Dialer

Continue the conversation

Take advantage of the built-in sms and email messaging and continue the conversation after the call has ended.

SMS / Messaging

VOIP, Atomic Dialer

Intelligent lead importing

Because Deskforce automatically determines the time zones of your leads, your agent can create rule based logic to send emails and SMS’s to the lead before or after the call at the appropriate time.

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Speech to Text

Speech to Text makes dial monitoring easier, reducing the need for dedicated call monitors.

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Hi, this is Jess from the Virtual Sales Academy. How are you? We’re working on some solutions to help you recruit and train a new generation of salespeople. Is that something you’d like to hear more about? Hi, this is Jess from the Virtual Sales Academy. How are you? We’re working on some solutions to help you recruit and train a new generation of salespeople. Is that something you’d like to hear more about?

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Predictive Dialer Realtime Unleashed!

I’d like to give a very warm welcome to Deskforce predictive dialer v2, aka the "new realtime". Sure, change has its challenges, but we know you’ll make this new version feel right at home when they start work for you.


Predictive Dialer

With the ability to free up time for your agents, automated dialing can greatly improve communications and productivity within your call centers and ultimately increase your company’s bottom line.

Read our whitepaper to walk you through some of the benefits an automated realtime communication platform can provide you.

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“ Saves money, saves manpower, saves time, works on PC phone. ”

Predictive dialer amazing product by Deskforce. Saves money, saves manpower, saves time, works on PC phone. My company has been clients of Deskforce for more than 2 years, one of the reason for applying for their services was because of the Dialer. We use it every day with 4 brands and 5 offices works perfectly every day like a well oiled machine. The Dialer has solved for us many problems and has saved for us a lot of money and of course manpower. Any call center that makes calls to clients daily must get the Deskforce Predictive Dialer.

Charles Bornstein, Eventus

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Stop wasting time manually dialing numbers from a list.

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