Performance as a metric

When equipped with Innitel’s Call center dashboard, call center managers are behind the wheel of nothing less then a performance race car. In performance driving the speedometer and RPMs are an essential part of the driving; likewise the persistent gauges and metrics displayed on Innitel’s dialer dashboard. From every screen, and from every function, the manager can view all key performance metrics.  We encourage our clients to use performance as a metric and to keep a pulse on the following:

  1. The number of engagements each sales agent has initiated and how many were closed,
  2. The location of performing lists and how those lead channels can be increased.
  3. The exact time and day performance slips, with a goal to push through those.
  4. Notation of the wait time between calls and how an increase in call volume could bolster overall performance.

Call backs are sales waiting to happen – an encouraging metric. I am truly inspired by the direction of our predictive dialer software and am always rewarded when our sales staff relay excitement from our client and potential clients.   We will be releasing some really tight integrations in this coming month that will allow our users to use a wide array of different platforms…stay tuned!

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