Pimp My Contact Center

There used to be a popular American television show called Pimp My Ride. On this show,  people would bring in an old junker car to mechanics and tell them about the car of their dreams. The customer has an idea of what he wants, but leaves it up to the experts to custom-make for him a ‘fly whip’ (“really nice car” in American slang). When the mechanics are done, the customers are ecstatic about their new car. They don’t recognize their car at all, as it is now decked out in the latest and greatest amenities.

But now imagine the customer, instead, either asked for, or was given, a bucket of parts to build his new car himself.confusedmechanic

Which would you prefer? The tailor made to fit your needs, thoroughly explained car, or the bucket of parts that you hope you know how to put together, and then figure out yourself exactly how every part works?
We have a feeling most would choose the tailor-made dream car. Now let’s apply the same logic to your business or contact center. Building your own phone system or trying to frankenstein a solution via APIs or static open-source products can be a tedious and expensive process when factoring in hiring, support, and debugging. Deskforce’s CloudPBX, Predictive Dialer, and SMS solutions, which cover the vast majority of use cases of contact centers and businesses, can be customized and ready to use after 1 day, backed by 24/7 call, email, or ticket-based customer support, and overflowing with valuable analytics.

Yet, for those customers looking to make their own customizations, Deskforce’s products come API ready, in a well-documented Swagger environment, which allows you to integrate voice and messaging into your own CRM or platform. You get some “spare parts” alongside your hot new “car” so that you can “Pimp your own CRM” if you like. But don’t fret, we’ll still have customer support always ready to assist you. If there’s a product or service you feel is missing from your package, tell us! We’ll do our best to accommodate in a future release.

Just like the mechanics on “Pimp my Ride”, we here at Deskforce want to “Pimp your Phone System” with the latest and greatest (and for a fraction of the cost of a custom-made car).