New feature of our Predictive Dialer

The future of the Predictive Dialer 


Deskorce is always striving to improve our products and service and we are quite proud to announce some upgrades to our Dialer. Our mantra, Easier, Faster and more effective, and as such, we have developed some new features that are already available on your current system!

Do you have the organization with several branches? Don’t you want them to work independently?
From now on there is a possibility to divide between your offices to work by themselves – without seeing the other office’s work.

As the manager you should create the new group for each office:

predictive dialer

Then create a new user and give him the rights as of the manager (in his group):

Predictive Dialer

Send the credentials to the admin of your company’s branch and due to the Predictive Dialer he will see only general information!

We hope you will like these new features! We’re excited to start rolling it out, and we can’t wait for any feedback you might have. Please direct any thoughts, questions, and requests about dashboards to, and we’ll get back to you. If you are interested to start using our Dialer system please contact

Don’t forget that you are our top priority, and we want to make your experience with Deskforce and our Predictive Dialer as enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy using our services!

Deskforce Team