Learning the Lingo, Part 1

This is part one in a two part series to help you learn about our phones systems. See part two here.

Depending on when you last upgraded your companies call center, there have been significant changes, and you may be confused by all the new features and terms. Here’s a quick breakdown of all those features, which will help in your decision to upgrade. Spoiler alert, you’ll want to upgrade.

Cloud PBX

Starting with the basics, a cloud PBX replaces your current PBX system with one you’ll never have to see. Do you have a huge server room that is overflowing with wires, just to keep everyone’s phones connected? Why not turn that room into an office! Cloud PBX will give you more flexibility; not managing a PBX system will allow you to focus on issues more directly related to your company,

Predictive Dialer

One of the biggest wastes of time in a call center is agents dialing numbers

One of the biggest wastes of time in a call center is agents dialing numbers, That’s a strange claim to make, seeing as half an agents job is to dial numbers. But that’s no longer necessary. Our Atomic dialer will automatically dial leads, so your agent doesn’t have to. It saves time in so many ways. In the past, your agents could only focus on one call at a time, and they’d have to wait until that call was over to dial the next number. Again, that sounds pretty obvious. An agent can’t handle more than one call at a time. With predictive dialer however, the system will determine the most opportune time to begin dialing the next number. This cuts down on time even more by eliminating the amount of time agents have to wait for a response.

Intelligent Lead Imports

This feature works hand in hand with the predictive dialer. Remember how you can import lead lists and contacts? Well the intelligent lead importer will filter your list down, keeping only the numbers that are relevant to your company. It does this by automatically checking leads to see that their numbers are live, before dialing. So your agents will now be handling only active numbers, a huge increase in productivity.

It also will check the time zone of all the leads, only calling them when it is most convenient for the lead.

And of course, you can use all this information in any way you want, like sending SMS messages at an appropriate time. Which brings us to the next section.


Call centers have moved on from their namesake. A call center should no longer just be a call center, it should be a communication center.

A call center should no longer just be a call center, it should be a communication center.

Calls are no longer enough to fully engage  your leads, which is why all of Innitel’s products are natively integrated

with SMS. With this feature you can widen the scope of your communications, continuing phone conversations after they’ve ended. You could also use it to approach leads before calling them, by sending an SMS informing them of an incoming call. You could send SMS blasts to all your leads, or send more personalized messages based on the all the information the intelligent lead importer gave you.


Hopefully this article will help you in your decision to upgrade. For more information, contact our team for a free demo.