Automatically convert calls from your Deskforce PBX into Freshdesk tickets!

Freshdesk is everything you need to redefine your customer support. Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets so you never lose track of them.

Deskforce’s Freshdesk integration allows your company to extend the features of Freshdesk. By automatically opening tickets from contacts that call in to your support center, and assigning them to the agent who picked up, you are certain each call request is logged and a recording of the call is attached to the ticket.

  • Dial calls from Freshdesk and save time: Call your leads and customers within Freshdesk in a single click, and avoid the hassle of moving across multiple devices or screens. More time means more calls and more productivity.
  • Log your calls without worrying about errors: Instead of manually logging the call details, have them tracked automatically in Freshdesk. You can even collect details and analytics of your calls any time with the help of reports in Freshdesk.
  • Always know who’s on the other end of the line: Receive screen pop-ups for incoming calls to know who’s calling you. With access to your contacts’ history and information from these pop-ups, you’ll be more prepared to take the call. You can also save new callers as leads or contacts and save your follow-up actions (like adding notes, tasks, etc.) right away.


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