Automatically dial from your Zoho contacts with our Deskforce PBX extension located easily in the Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with the right answers.

Deskforce’s Zoho integration allows your company to extend the features of Zoho. Calling your contacts is as simple as clicking on their listing and answering the phone. It can’t get easier than that!

  • Dial calls from Zoho CRM and save time: Call your leads and customers within Zoho CRM in a single click, and avoid the hassle of moving across multiple devices or screens. More time means more calls and greater productivity.
  • Log your calls without worrying about errors: Instead of manually logging the call details, have them tracked automatically in Zoho CRM. You can even collect details and analytics of your calls any time with the help of Reports in Zoho CRM.
  • Always know who’s on the other end of the line: Receive screen pop-ups for incoming calls to know who is calling you. With access to your contacts’ history and information from these pop-ups, you’ll be more prepared to take the call. You can also save new callers as leads or contacts and save your follow-up actions (like adding notes, tasks, etc.) right away.
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    Zoho & Deskforce Benefits

  • Local Presence

    Boost your connect rate with Local Presence virtual phone numbers. Enjoy 500% more pick-ups as you dial across the US and internationally.

  • Voicemail Drop

    Save time by leaving voicemails while you are on to the next dial. Record as many voicemails as you like and choose the right one to leave based on your prospective customer.

  • Click-To-Call

    Load up a list of prospective customers and efficiently dial down the list in ZOHO CRM or anywhere on the web.

  • Any Device, Anywhere

    Deskphone, mobile phone, or computer with headset — Deskforce has you covered.

  • Live Call Coaching

    Listen to live calls as they happen. Barge in to help out or simply whisper only to your agent to help close the deal.

  • Call Recordings

    Record calls and store them in ZOHO CRM to listen, help with coaching, or revisiT prospective clients caught in a long sales cycle.

  • Custom Call Dispositions

    Enable your team to use dispositions in your own sales lingo and process.

  • Reporting Insights

    Quickly identify rock stars and poor performers by reviewing call metrics over any time period.

  • Screen Pops

    Deal size, organization information, name and location — CRM data pushed to your screen for every incoming call.

How to install:

Install  Chrome extension by clicking here

After you have  installed the    Chrome extension, please right-click it and choose Options.

    1. In the General Settings you can allow click2call by allowing the checkbox as shown in the image below. You can also control the length of numbers to be clickable and add a static prefix to be added automatically when dialed, such as ’00’

    1. In the Connection Settings you must specify your PBX domain and the extension configured for the related station.
    2. In the Popup Settings you may need to allow inbound popup notification when inbound call and allow on-click to open lead/contact profile of the caller if exist in Zoho CRM. Note: If on-click is unchecked it means that the popup will be activated automatically on each call. URLs need to be configured as:{CallerIDNum}
    3. The last thing is to Press on Save

You can close the Options page and refresh Zoho CRM page in order for the settings to take an affect.

You can start testing click2call by clicking on phone/mobile numbers.

Inbound notifications will start appearing when inbound calls take place.

    1. Activate the Connector between Zoho CRM  &  in order to log each call whether it’s outbound or inbound inside Zoho CRM:
    2. Login to your Zoho CRM account and open this link below:

  1. Search for the Deskforce module and click on Integrate.
  2. Please fill out all credentials in the image below and then press Save.