Deskforce named “Top 20 Most affordable Predictive Dialer solution”

               Predictive Dialer

Call center software helps you manage and route incoming calls, and connect with the right people for your external sales efforts. It automates much of the manual telephony process so that you can focus on what matters – the customer. Innitel was named #2 in the most affordable call center solutions measured by average monthly cost, total number of features offered for that cost, and customer review (right under an open source free solution).

Innitel is always striving to improve our products and service and we are quite proud to announce some upgrades to our Predictive Dialer. Our mantra is Easier, Faster, and more effective, and as such, we have developed some new features that are already included in our dialer for no extra costs.

So not to brag, but not just are we affordable according to the 2017 Capterra most affordable Call Center software but powerful, and we also look damn good. With our newly upgraded predictive dialer with 22 new updates and features


Predictive Dialer

We now split phone codes from phone number and automatically set the time zone.

Has it ever happened to you when uploading a list which contains 1,000’s of leads, that some of the numbers belong to a side of the world that has just gone to bed? This can cause dialing to the right lead but during the absolute wrong time. In some cases there are fines for such mistakes!

Predictive Dialer

Going forward, the Innitel Predictive Dialer automatically catches these mistakes and lets the lead have a good night sleep and will call them during a more appropriate time. Beyond, that we can also dial during the BEST time. Did you know for example in the UK , the best time to call your lead is between 10-11am? Your lists can now be set to be super effective!

Contact today to have them give you a demo of our new updates!