Hold the phone!

It’s ironic that we changed our name from Innitel to Deskforce, given that in effect we chose to retire the word ‘tel’ and promote the concept of a ‘desk’. For so long our desk has been a nice proud solid piece of wood that was a pedestal for a our plastic business telephone. For many years, this telephone was the promoted piece of hardware of the call center, all while it transitioned from legacy systems to this new-fangled love child of a conventional phone and a computer: the VoIP phone.

The VoIP phone looked and acted like a conventional business phone, tangled cord included. In fact it took a low-tech place in our mind, a sort of low-fun, dark business machine that elicited a yawn as we reached for the weighted handset of what might be the last of a dying breed. All of this as our Samsung S8’s and new iPhones jiggled in our pockets with their full color displays and countless messages screaming for attention like our significant others during a sporting event.

Yet our desks have changed and so have we. This huge movement of offices without borders, from WeWork to other shared spaces, has forced us to carry our business phones with us. We are mobile even when we are stationary and office workers to call center agents alike can no longer make room on their desks for the their telephone device. Our office needs to spring to life the moment we open our laptops. Our contacts are stored in the cloud of our CRM and contacting them needs to be seamless within our sales and support stack.

VOIP Softphone

Deskforce took a hard look at the PBX and our communication tools of choice, from Skype to SIP Softphones, and said, Hold the Phone, literally. No more love children, and no more stationary devices and open source Softphones that were designed to be an evil clone, with a lot of features we don’t need nor want.

So…Here’s the deal:
We created a phone that sits on your desktop, and provides tools at your fingertips, including note taking, call status, call IQ, hot desking, pause codes, call forwarding and 3-way, preview calls, call recording, SMS, and more. All of this either by simply logging into a web portal or downloading our standalone App.

Want to know the best part?

Our Desktop phone comes with integrations that empowers you wherever you are, provides group metrics, and acts as the key to your call center and office.

So, regardless of whether your call desk is a tray table at 35k feet, or at the local cafe, you can be rest assured, your Deskforce phone is exactly where it should be.