Highest-Rated Cloud Call Center Software

We are approached everyday by companies wishing to direct market or provide support for their product or services.

It’s a daunting task to research and locate a suitable platform that solves your pain point.  Our analytics show us that decision makers find us by searching for call center software, Contact Center Solutions, Zoho Integration, How do I sell more by phone?, and other terms that seem to point to various stages and various needs of the buying process.  

What is clear is the following: marketing and sales teams are continuously looking for their leg up; their competitive advantage. How do I make more with what I have?

Every sales team is faced with the same situation, the 1st of the month, no matter how much you crush your month, it’s the 1st again before you know it and you’re back at square one. Toward the end of the month, teams are measuring the lead funnel, and stage of their deals to see if they will hit their quota. The marketing department works over time to prospect and ensure the top of the funnel is well fed to ensure there is enough deals in the pipeline.

It’s a numbers game, and sales teams know this. More in, more out.

Deskforce levels the playing field by automating the engagement process allowing sales teams to have more conversations, and increase the chances of hitting their quotas.

We have seen many marketing teams feed our dialer directly from affiliates and landing pages, while toward the end of the month uploading nurture contacts and some less likely to answer leads to squeeze their silo as hard as they can.

It is truly remarkable what happens when a sales person logs into our dialer with buckets of leads, and just pushes “play.” They are engaged with lead after lead, pitch after pitch in a rhythm that keeps them motivated and ready to find their “YES” .

Call follow up, SMS  and post call emails are also automated through our system, allowing wrap up time to be minimized as well.  The sales agent is moving through leads, without waiting for busy signals or no answers, not opening up their email, or sms platform, Just pushing, One after the other.

It’s truly magical, and it’s truly inspiring to hear sales teams report a 3x increase in meaningful engagements and their ability to exceed their quota before the end of the month. It is for this reason, that across all customer sentiment sites, Deskforce is one of the highest rated options out there, and we love to hear that!

Regardless of what day of the month we are in, Deskforce predictive dialer needs to be in your arsenal!