Google just lowered your per seat cost!

You’re expanding your callcenter and want to add new agents, or you are starting a new venture and adding a voice and sms channel to your customers and leads.  This initiative requires some initial hardware to get these guys operational and on the phone and this cost usually floats around  $600US for a PC / Monitor and Phone.  This costs per agent can get out of hand real quickly, and add to your initial capex when you need it the most.  Well thankfully, there is another option. Google.   The wizards at Google developed a laptop that runs on their own OS, Chrome and can cost as little as $199, and most importantly, is compatible with Innitel!

As opposed to a standard PC, giving your agents a laptop affords them a built in battery backup, monitor , keyboard, Operating System and VoIP interface, that can your agent started, for a third of the cost of a conventional desktop. Couple with Innitel’s chrome Extensions, you basically have a call center in a box and deployable within minutes.

We would love to talk to more about this with you! We’re full of good ideas!