Elie Rubin’s New and Diverse Team for Deskforce

Deskforce CEO, Elie Rubin has announced hiring of top flight personnel to oversee effective implementation of strategies that offer quality Contact Center Services to the company’s increasing number of global clientele.

Deskforce is a Jerusalem based international company offering a SaaS Model Tech scalable communications platform. Conceptualized through a chance encounter in Jerusalem by old friends Elie Rubin and Daniel Leubitz in 2009, Deskforce is now a company on the move.

To achieve the company’s strategy of streamlining operations and scalability, Rubin has announced appointment of Joseph Fuerst, to take up position of Chief Operating Officer, and also oversee the Go To Market Strategy. Fuerst is a professional who has had successful stints at ClickTale, SimilarWeb, and is formerly VP Sales with WalkMe.

Also joining the top team is Ohad Sherman, CPA, to the position of Chief Finance Officer. Ohad is a finance expert with experience in startups and public companies. He has a reputable background in IT, Software and Advertising. Both Fuerst and Ohad have also joined the board of Deskforce.

Rubin has further restructured his multi-talented workforce by making a shift in the upper management movement. Deskforce Co-Founder Daniel Leubitz takes over role of Chief Marketing Officer to grow brand equity and retain business.

Jerusalem is the center of the world’s oldest religions that have influenced humanity for centuries. The company’s galaxy of talented multi-ethnic workforce is a reflection of Jerusalem’s cultural diversity. Support staff, developers and engineers in the Jerusalem offices are a mirror of the city’s population. They comprise of Arab Muslims, Christians, Jewish immigrants from France, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, and Charedi native Israelis.

With a number of Arab companies as clients, 20 of Deskforce’s employees are Arab Muslims who competently handle the company’s Arabic Customer Support desk. The company has grown exponentially to be ranked the 9th fastest growing tech company in Israel.

Serving over 10,000 clients daily from its offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Sofia in Bulgaria, the company also provides contact center services through clients in Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Elie Rubin is an experienced corporate leader with an 8 year track record in hyper-growth technology startups, and considers his team of 40 employees as family and business partners.