Don’t Close That Facebook Tab!

Social Media Screen Scrape

How Social Media Will Increase your Sales and Make your Call Center more productive.

When your agents make a call to a number on a list, they don’t have any connection to this person. Leads are, after all, just a number on a list. The lack of humanity that the agents feel when making a call carries over into their conversations, making them strained and robotic. The best way to resolve this is to give the agents some connection to the customer, and the best way to do that is through imagery.

Using our system, agents will see the Facebook or Linkedin page of the person they are calling as soon as they make the call. This gives them access to large amounts of information about the person (it’s incredible the amount that we share online). But perhaps even more important than the information, are the pictures. Viewing pictures allows us to form bonds with people. It’s difficult to feel connected to a voice on the phone, but when that voice is attached to a face, a connection forms almost automatically. It’s no longer about selling a product to another number on the list, it’s about improving this customer’s life.

A study done by Damee Choi and Shigeki Watanuki researched the “relationship between empathy trait … elicited by discriminating facial expressions,” and they found quite clearly that human faces play a huge role in forming an empathy link. ” ‘Human’ elements such as human faces and voices provide important cues for triggering empathy. ”
This method of generating empathy is used in so many other markets, from web design to advertising, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it in telecom?

One obvious solution to the problem that speaking over the telephone introduces would be to use video chat, but the truth is, the market hasn’t reached that. While video chat is growing in popularity, it still hasn’t become as efficient a form of communication as the telephone.

So we can’t have face to face interactions in our call centers, but we can do the next best thing by showing the faces of our customers to the agents.

The benefits of using social media don’t stop at the immediate empathy link formed by seeing a picture. Quickly scanning a Facebook page can reveal personal details about prospective customers that provide further connection between agent and customer. For example, if the agent notices the customers has a dog, and the agent has one as well, it provides a sense of camaraderie, something to bond over. And this is now something that the agent can incorporate into a sales pitch. Remember, an agent has only seven seconds to capture the attention of a customer, and Facebook is a great way to find that hook the customer needs.

Social media is large part of life to many people, and businesses taking advantage of this. Incorporating social media into your business practices is hugely important in today’s world, bringing it to your call centers is a perfect place to start