DID Defined

Today’s phone numbers function more as unique identifiers rather than as parts of a local phone system. Today’s telecom infrastructure allows companies to project a presence literally anywhere.

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Local geographical, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers

With Direct Inward Dialing (DID), phone numbers are provided and then automatically configured into your Deskforce CloudPBX system. Without requiring any additional hardware for each line, companies are able to provide their customers with the opportunity to have individual phone numbers for every department or person within the company.

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  • Allow your global clients to reach you without long distance charges

  • Show your potential clients that you provide service in their area

  • Cold calls are warmer when the number you send is local

  • Multiple departments, multiple fixed numbers

  • Each employee can have a direct line

  • Keep track of marketing campaigns by monitoring incoming calls to a unique number

  • Call forward international numbers to your cellphone when you travel

  • No contracts or hidden costs

  • Great call quality

  • Pay a small monthly fee

  • Send global text messages

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Why DID?

Localized customer-facing experiences can be created in cases when the actual human capital is located halfway around the world. The chance of the recipient answering your call increases dramatically if the number displayed is local to them.

At the same time, your customers will incur no long distance charges when calling to speak with your agents. The call might take their voice across an ocean, but for the purposes of their phone bill, it might as well have been a call across town.

Take your DID global.

Deskforce can provide DID, or direct inward dial, phone numbers for you and your business in over 50 countries and 8,000 area codes. Individual employees can be assigned their own phone numbers based on their target geographies, and individual marketing campaigns can be assigned phone numbers used to track return on investment.

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Predictive Dialer

With the ability to free-up time for your agents, automated dialing can greatly improve communications and productivity within your call centers and ultimately increase your company’s bottom line.

Read our whitepaper to walk you through some of the benefits provided by an automated realtime communication platform.