Deskforce Integration, the special sauce in increasing efficiencies.

Voice integration into Zoho and freshdesk and API

Integration and Voip is one of those classic relationships that add value to your operation. Notwithstanding, a standalone system can operate quite well for you and your call center,  but there are some streamlining and efficiencies that can guarantee you more time in your day with a direct connection to your platform & CRM. Deskforce recognizes that our systems and platforms have to meet you where you are; inside and embedded into the systems you already use today. As such, Deskforce has made great strides in its integration road map, and continues to make headway in this mission

Integrate VoIP with Other Enterprise Tools

Integrations could potentially offer many benefits for your business, especially when it involves voice calling and messaging.

If you integrate VoIP with your CRM application, you can pass data back and forth. Support agents can dial a customer with a single click from inside your CRM or Support tools and keep track of  recorded phone conversations with clients and even import that data into any software of your choice through our API.

DIY VoIP Integration

And for those special cases or proprietary platforms that we are not native, with a little bit of extra work, you can still make the integration work. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and with just a few lines of code that you can import or export relevant data. The API does most of the heavy lifting for you since it knows how to access the data it needs. Experienced developers can get our APIs based on swagger / OpenAPI working within a few hours.

Benefits of Integrating VoIP

CRM applications are not the only software that can benefit from closer integration with your phone system. If you have a contact center for customer support or a helpdesk, it is a prime candidate for our integration.

A service rep answering a customer call can get instant access to the relevant information without having to ask the caller for an account number. Deskforce has partnered with the big names in support systems , FreshWorks, Zoho, & Zendesk that helps service reps solve customer issues without any additional work on their part.

We are proud to be able to offer our integrations to help you streamline your operations, and are proud our partners have shared our commitment to excellence.

For more information on our integrations, please speak to our sales or your Customer Success Manager.