Deskforce, A Jerusalem Success Story.

Deskforce is privileged to have been founded and cultivated in Jerusalem.  

To be one of the fastest growing tech companies based in a city filled with the history of mankind and home to the largest religions, the significance is not lost.  When we explain to our customers that we are a Jerusalem based Startup, it is not uncommon to get the “oh really” along with stories of their last visit to the holy land and their connection to the City of Gold.

  With the juxtaposition of Eid and the end of Ramadan, is a day where we focus not just on what Jerusalem is today, but what it can be.

Deskforce was founded with the same view of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, which was to treasure equal rights and coexistence amongst those who love the city as their home.  We are proud that our Jerusalem team is a microcosm of Jerusalem, employing amazing talent based on their commitment to excellence from all parts of the demographic spectrum.

Deskforce works with more than 10,000 call center agents, mainly in Eastern European countries and in a few Arab countries.

This is where the story really gets interesting.

With some Arab companies on board, we needed Arabic customer support, Thankfully, being in Jerusalem it was not hard to find the right staff.

Today, Deskforce’s 38+ workers are Arab Muslims and Christians; Jewish immigrants from countries such as France, Russia, Mexico, and Ukraine; and Charedi native Israelis.

We began to understand that our support staff, developers and engineers in Jerusalem are a microcosm of Jerusalem’s overall population, and our mix of employees reflects that, We’re like a little U.N, but we congeal nicely.

Nurturing a culture of tolerant diversity in a for-profit company isn’t motivated by altruism but by clear-eyed practicality. Deskforce believes that taking full advantage of Jerusalem’s breadth of cultures, education, languages, and skill-sets has helped propel her success.

Diversity is a visual reminder that not everyone shares the same perspective. The assumption that everyone shares the same information is shattered when not everyone looks alike. Mirror neurons are activated. The brain works harder to understand others’ perspectives and come to consensus.

On this Jerusalem Day, we take a moment to appreciate our home and the opportunities provided to Deskforce, her customers and her amazing team.