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What is a Cloud PBX?

There are a number of key advantages to using a Hosted PBX service versus a traditional telephone service or purchasing an office telephone system.

  • Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is a technology that a telephone provider uses to route calls.

  • A CloudPBX system utilizes the cloud, which means that data is stored and transferred over the Internet, instead of from a local piece of hardware (such as a computer or server) that the end-user owns.


How does Cloud PBX work?

With Deskforce's CloudPBX, your company can use any current VoIP phone without any further capital expense.

  • Deskforce CloudPBX works by connecting your phones or phone software to your existing internet, then sending the voice to our servers for recording and routing to your desired destination.

  • Your office must have a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or other IP phones or adapters to use the CloudPBX.


Why choose Deskforce's Cloud PBX?

With setup completed in less than 1 day, and unlimited extensions, Deskforce's CloudPBX gives you the scalability and security you need.

  • With a CloudPBX you can do anything a regular phone system can do, but from anywhere in the world, and without bulky external devices.

  • You save time and money by bypassing installation and maintenance of hardware, and by connecting everyone in your company on a single platform in the office, and around the world.

  • Custom setups and customizations encouraged!

“This product has greatly simplified my life.”

I've tested many different solutions, and by far this is the best. It's realtime reporting made simple. Now I feel like I always know what’s going on. This solution makes it easy to understand what is going on. I’m running a call center and have always had issues getting a reliable report on time. This product has greatly simplified my life.

Alex Walter, Operations Manager, Master Card

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Predictive Dialer

With the ability to free up time for your agents, automated dialing can greatly improve communications and productivity within your call centers and ultimately increase your company’s bottom line.

Read our whitepaper to walk you through some of the benefits provided by an automated realtime communication platform.


Deskforce's CloudPBX Phone System gives you all the functionality, without the confusion. Taking less than 1 day to completely set up, installation is time efficient and guaranteed to be completely secured. CloudPBX is a financially feasible and time-efficient option, eliminating the concerns about installation and maintenance that come with a hardware device. Make your business a more cohesive place by integrating CloudPBX, creating a single platform for your company in the office and around the world.

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