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Integrates with The Systems You Use Today

You deserve tools that not only work well, but work well together.

Native Integrations

Integrate with your CRMs to reduce wrap-up time and get information about your leads in real time

Customer Success Driven

Your success is our success, so we will do anything in our power to ensure smooth and efficient business

Personalized Dashboard

Different businesses require different metrics. Customize your dashboard to reflect the data you need to see

Like a Conversation,

there are two sides to our features

Contact Facing

HD Call Quality

HD isn’t only for televisions, the voice quality of your calls must be the highest quality to ensure a seamless conversation. Increase productivity with Deskforce’s HD sound quality

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is an automated system that greets callers and offers them an option menu. If you run a company with various departments, it makes it easier for your customers to reach the right person.

Local Presence

Using a local area code to call a contact can lift call connection rates by up to 400%. Deskforce has numbers available in over 78 countries and 3400 area codes worldwide.

Internal Productivity

Agent Status

Know which agent is performing better, how much time they spend on a call, how much time they spend in between calls and see where things can be improved

Spy / Whisper / Barge

Need to help an agent out in real time? Use the spy / whisper or barge features to jump in and give them a hand

CRM Integrations

Use the click to call feature or dial a lead manually, our system will display the information you need to know from your CRM automatically. Keep wrap-up time short by filling out post call details directly to our program and store it back to your CRM

Delivering Value to Companies Like Yours

A. Kopyt

CEO - BookKeeping For Biz

My company has been a client of Deskforce for years,. We use their products every day, and it works perfectly every day, like a well-oiled machine.

Amit A.


As a young startup, you want to receive the best service for a fair price. At Deskforce we got a team of professional that are always available, and know how to give excellent service in a timely manner. Highly recommended!

Gil O.

CEO Food4Life

Deskforce and the team behind it, are definitely meeting all our requirements.

The price is fair, the quality is excellent.

+44 203 695 3434

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