Cloud Communications Provider Deskforce Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday Feb 21 2019
Nicky Nikolaev

Jerusalem, Israel: Deskforce, a leading provider of cloud communications for business, has started accepting Bitcoin payments in addition to conventional payment methods. Providing call centers and more than 10,000 agents worldwide Deskforce values the development and operational requirements of these businesses.

The transparency and security of the blockchain-based cryptocurrency payments has been a requirement for many of our clients, the decentralised system has great advantages in reducing the steps in payment for our clients.

Elie Rubin, CEO of DeskForce says “ a company always being in the frontline of technology, it’s only natural that we would recognize the value of cryptocurrencies and its impact on the future economy”.


The adoption of Bitcoin payments is yet another step towards the organizations operating in the cryptocurrency market which according to Deskforce will result in improving the customer experience. It is also a step forward in creating a better experience for the Deskforce customers from the other industries.

The customer experience touchpoints that the company values and to which the addition of Bitcoin payments come naturally are:

  • Seamless integration
  • Productivity increase
  • Better experience
  • Transparent and secure payments

About Deskforce: Deskforce, formerly Innitel, is a self-funded Jerusalem-based startup with branch offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sofia and Paris. Focused on cloud-based Call Center software, DeskForce equips businesses with a full ecosystem of cloud-based software to help call centers reach higher targets and empower sales agents meet higher goals with real-time communication solutions. Deskforce motivates agents to increase productivity across sales, retention and support departments.