You should buy call center software. Here’s why:

Deskforce is in the process of moving our Bulgarian office into a new facility, after months of planning the space, colors of tiles,  wiring, and motion sensors the facility will soon be a beautiful functional space for our team. I mention this, as at times I ask myself, wouldn’t it have been easier to locate a finished space that has all the details and functions we need, and just move in.  To build a space requires a specialized skill and a whole lot of time and effort that at times, was quite burdening and disruptive. However, by building and designing our own space we are able to personalize our space to cater to our company culture. By the way, our office will look amazing, as our CEO seems to have a knack for building.

You will often see the same dilemma within the business – when talking with prospects we realize they are presented with the classic scenario of “Build or Buy”, where a company tries to decide whether to take a pre-built platform or go through a development phase of their own to build what they need.  

When our dev team and UI/UX team sat down to build our call center platform, we listened to our customers through various verticals and A/B tested different concepts.

Literally a platoon of various teams focused on bringing the best scalable offering with the best value proposition possible.

Now when companies look at their pain points and have IT resources available, it might be tempting to say, “Aide” (Bulgarian for Yalla, which is Arabic for onward) Seize the day! But really., if there are IT resources laying around,  how many of them have the specialized skill sets to programmatically build contact center software? And if you think specialized isn’t so important, or they’’ll figure it out -Well they might… but trial and error is expensive and sometimes hysterical.

At time we are asked at Deskforce about the “programmable platforms”, like Amazon and Twillio, and while we offer amazing integrations via our API, that with a few lines of code can have your systems talking to our systems, the total build process should be considered with “Do what you love, Love what you do” . We are passionate about building the best of breed software, and while tempting to try to paint from a blank canvas, most of the time the ROI evaporates real quick when you consider the whole process, internal IT, Management and outside SI resources .

Beyond the process of building,  you would still have to think – who in your team supports it? On-boards new agents, handles feature requests and bugs. Yes you are building amazing job security for your IT department, but are these activities associated with the Build option truly beneficial for your operation on the short term, or the long term. Our experience is, that it rarely is.

Your contact center is the mission-critical element for your sales and customer experience efforts. If the speed to market, agility and deep understanding, and commitment to excellence is important to you, Deskforce has done the work for you.