What is the best Predictive Dialer?

the best predictive dialer

When our sip trunk customers were being faced with choosing a predictive dialer with choices ranging from million dollar software or cluttered and unreliable open source solutions, Deskforce decided to step up.   One thing is certain:

Not all Predictive Dialers are created the same.

So much so, that our developers began to title our cloud based software as an “engagement platform”.  So lets go to the basics, if you were to build a dialer today, what would be your MVP, (Miminal Viable Product)?

So lets identify our requirements in a basic Predictive Dialer

1. Load Leads ( super important)
Here is something that seems obvios, but not so much so,  as we think this over

  • Are we importing frm CSV and Excel?
  • Can we import from JSON directly for immediate call back?
  • Are we able to determine time zone on import?
  • Duplicate lead detection?

2. Create Campaigns ( so we can monitor KPIS)
We need the ability to assign list of leads to configurable campaigns, later this will be usefull for generating reports

3. Historical Reporting ( so we can know how we did)
So based on the campaigns we will need look back at KPI’s and performance. How did we do Campaign Vs Campaign and Agent Vs Agent. Graphs and Data Tables are always good.

4. An Agent screen  ( something easy, so we dont have to teach them how to use it)
This can’t be understated.. there are so many agent screens that try to put too much information in front of the agent. Remember the agent will be looking at your predictive dialer for hours upon hours.

5. Do Not Call lists,   ( super important so we dont get a nasty letter)
A must.

6. CRM Integrations ( allow the system to get leads from our existing silos)
Zoho, Salesforce, Vtiger.. there are tons.. and depending on what you use, make sure we offer a JSON API so that you can easily build your predictive dialer into your CRM,

7. Reatime Screen / Wall board ( allow managers to see what is happening across campaigns)

So that is where we started,  but Deskforce added to this list things like  built Premium A-Z termination, 24 x7 support and no per agent fee, and all kinds of bells and whistles that take the basic to the extreme. So why bother with the open-source, unmanaged predictive dialer when you get the best of both worlds.

Ok m so i wasnt unbiased, but I do see a value when i see it… so come grab a demo of Deskforce Predictive Dialer😉  lets talk.