Benefits of Integrating Telephone Systems with CRM Software: Guest Editorial

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By Elie Rubin

Few things have helped to shape the modern business world as much as the idea of treating software as a platform rather than as a purely single-purposed application. When built around a core goal, the ability to integrate software packages with one another opens doors that have long since remained closed.

Prior to this technological breakthrough, companies had to rely on a patchwork of applications to accomplish their goals. Information could not flow between these applications; they were unable to communicate with one another. An application that controlled customer communication and relationship management was separate from the one that would actually manage the act of communicating. An application that managed call center operations would run independently of the agents responsible for actually making the calls.

As we’re aware, communication is key for any business to not just survive, but to thrive. That communication has to flow among the people that work there and within the applications and software that keep the business running. If the accounting department doesn’t talk to the marketing department, then issues arise. Likewise, if the PBX can’t talk to the CRM suite, that creates a disconnect between the two that can leave gaps in the business and critical opportunities will go unexplored.

Using modern programming techniques and highly-functional APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, applications can be combined and plugged into one other. Custom environments can be created that take the best of what each program brings and uses that to create the perfect solution to meet a given company’s needs.



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Republished from Finance Feeds