8 sales automation features that will boost your sales team

Your Sales reps spend only 37% of time selling..

let’s flip that for you.. Your sales sniper you just hired is not sniping your leads 63% of the time. Oh, and if his productivity isn’t helping you hit your targets, your next hire, will also be performing his job about 1/3 of the time you are paying him to bring home the bacon.

Got your attention? Oh it better have..

Assuming your marketing team has done a bang up job getting your product awareness up to snuff, inbound leads are coming in, your affiliates are providing you with warm leads through their efforts, you can’t have any delays on the sales team, reeling it in.

So what is eating Gilbert Grapes’ time?

A normal 8 hour day in the life of your sales person.

1.1 hours in just staring at the desk, we call that Effectiveness drain

1.6 hours in Checking Facebook and catching up with colleagues,

2.6 hours going through emails

5.3 hours… and you haven’t sold anything

Ok so let’s try to address some of the redundant activities that cause effectiveness drain and you just gained 1.1 hours x each of your sales team,

By using Sales Automation tools and automating email and internal communication, you have gained 5.3 hours per sales person. How does that affect your bottom line?!  Riight? Leaning in? You should be.

Using Deskforce’s Automated Dialing platform, we increase your sales persons performance by upwards of 400%, by allowing them to focus on what is the most important, and leaving technology to handle the rest.

Here are 8 sales automation features that will boost your sales team:

1.Automate your lead distribution

Not all leads are created the same, that we know. How much time is spent sifting through the good leads and forcing your way through the bad ones? As well, every agent has their unique touch that could be better on a certain funnel or lead source. Our system automates the process by scoring the affiliate or landing page, the leads and the agent. This way your best leads go the best fit. Discover new opportunities with Deskforce’s real-time lead scoring. This shows you which leads are more likely to close successfully, with each one given a score based on similar opportunities that have led to a sale in the past and the lead source. The higher the number, the higher the chance of success.

2. Automate lead prioritisation

A hot lead comes in through your funnel, and if you’re handling your leads FIFO ( first in first out) then you are losing potential with every minute. A Lead Response Management Study proved that the companies who contacted the leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify the lead! 7 times! Using our system that manages that priority ensures you are talking to the lead when you should be!

3. Automate your sales material

We know the average agent spends 2.6 hours going through emails, lets assume 50% is composing emails to follow up on calls. By automating the e-mail follow up process, we allow the agent to simply make a call, and depending on the outcome to trigger an email to the client. Agent gets a busy signal, presto.. Out goes an email saying they attempted to call, and would be ok to try back later.   Automating this process keeps your sales person in the zone, and making as many engagements as he can.

4. Automate your meeting-booking process

You finish a call and the client asks for a call back next week, at best you open your CRM and add the event, at worst you open google calendar and add the meeting. Have a stop stopwatch? This process is time consuming and worse it take the sales persons eye of the new target. By placing the call back inside our system, it will automatically update your CRM, but further, a preset time before the call back, the system will pause all calls to the agent so that he can prepare and be ready for the call. Simply dial, chose the callback date and time, and off to the next sales call.

5. Automate your Dialing

Our system is discarding all tones and only passing “Hellos” from the lead to the agent, the total time can be as short as 3 seconds between calls, as opposed to nearly a minute if the agent dialed by hand.   The 57 second difference is an extraordinary amount of time for a call center to consider. After many raw fingers, and one broken nail, the time to dial and determine if the human answered is Finger dial: 34 seconds  Click2Call: 16 seconds Predictive Dial: 3 seconds, and The Borg based telepathy: 0 seconds. The math is easy, more calls, more opportunities.

6. Automate your messaging

   At the end of every call or when you schedule a meeting, finding a way to sms the information can take eyes off the ball. Best leave this process to automation, depending on the status fof the call, the system will instanlyt shoot out an SMS with the time relevant information.

7.Automate your Data entry

  Automatically log email and calendar activities with CRM records. Integration into CRM saves time from manually adding update into CRM. Further, automatically extract intelligence from sales activities and trigger dynamic sales processes. Digital automation, AI, and open integration ensure your sales teams are using best practices.

8. Automate your lead generation

      Qualify leads by uploading all your less than stellar leads, and allow the voice broadcasting feature gauge their level of interest. If a lead is interested in hearing more, he is instantly transferred to an available agent

It is no question that the future of contact centers lay squarely on automation and AI. Implement these 8 features, and see the productivity skyrocket.