8 days of light, 8 New AutoDialer features!

It’s not a miracle! Yet another major upgrade of our Dialer that will bring your contact center even more engagements and conversions!

This upgrade gives you the tools to give the best leads, from the best affiliate to the best agent.


                 1. Call Time Rules: Don’t want to call during dinner? Using this feature you can

build your own call time rules with a general setting for all countries, and specific call time rules for specific countries. This will help you set up the working hours of a campaign by destination, according to the time of day and day of the week.



2. Groups Management: If you have one or more departments or branch offices, now you can configure settings based on location and department! This feature displays a tree graph of all the user groups in your dialer, with all the users they include and the relations between groups. You can move certain users from group to group, change their hierarchy, and group specific settings. These settings include:


3. General Settings: These help the admin allow/disallow manual dialing as well as allow you to choose if a disposition status will be mandatory after finishing a manual call.

– Callback Settings: Are your agents storing too many callbacks and missing callbacks? Here the admin can toggle scheduled callbacks on/off, as well as setup the flow of the callbacks. A limit on the number of callbacks per agent in the group can be set up, as well as the time before the automatic calls of an agent with an incoming callback are blocked. In the additional options, you can allow the agent to either snooze or snooze/transfer the callback.

– Campaign Access:  Toggle  access to all your campaigns for the given group.


4. Affiliates: Work with affiliates? You’ll love this.  Keep track of and prioritize the best affiliated!  Create affiliates in your dialer and give them priority in the form of a number. You can then choose a single affiliate in a single list from its options. Once completed, you can then choose in the campaign settings under “list order” whether it orders the leads by “UP RANK” or “DOWN RANK.” This will order the lists used in a campaign by affiliate rank.

5. Country Rank: Set up this option in each individual user. Similar to other strategies, you can choose to prioritize leads with this strategy in each individual campaign.

6. Custom Field Toggle: Add the possibility to decide if the agent can see the edit or custom field.

7. Callback Lead Recycle: Recycle leads that have callback recordings to the rules assigned by the admin.

8. Recording Backup: Send your call recordings to long term S3 storage for compliance and redundancy.

Speak to one one advisors to see how this version can help you outperform and make 2019 a banner year!