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Build a team of the best sellers.

Deskforce dials your hottest and best leads, sending your prospect’s contact information straight to their screens! Deskforce is  affordably priced and equipped to service any sized contact center. With Infrastructure built from the ground up, Deskforce makes every conversation high definition.

Automate your outbound dialing, eliminate dead time between calls, and increase the overall efficiency of your contact center.

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Predictive Dialer

Automatically send your Best leads , From your best affiliate or landing page to your best agent. Deskforce's Predictive Dialer provides you with automated dialing that feeds your pipeline.

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Cloud PBX Simplified

Expect more from your communications platform. Experience our API-driven, dependable, feature-rich, Cloud based business communications solution.

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Predictive Dialer, Telecommunication System

Easy to use.

Deskforce’s easy to use products come with
24 Hour Installation, User-Friendly Interface, and Industry Leading Technology.

Provide a better experience for your customers and agents

Scalable & Integrated

Deskforce fits with your current sales and support stack! Integrated with your platform and CRM, Deskforce reduces the time it takes to get your business up and running and comfortable with our products.

User-friendly Interface

Deskforce products are build around a positive, user-friendly, and convenient interface, enabling managers and agents to be more productive, engage more leads, and provide outstanding support.

Round-the-Clock Support

Deskforce has multiple offices around the world, ready to address your questions and concerns at any time throughout the day.

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Increase sales dramatically with an intuitive, scalable AI sales solution. Tap into our predictive customer analytics technology.

Deskforce guides and helps you improve your sales team’s productivity by four times. With our machine learning solution, you will recognize the actions and behaviors that lead to more closed sales.

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